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Sunday Service


If you plan to visit, calling ahead is advised due to the obscurity of our location.

Christ Church—Radford

6226 University Park Drive

Radford, VA 24141

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Archives for August 2015

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Learning, Living, and Loving (Luke 6)

As the Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus in something He said and as they grew in their rage against Him, Jesus goes away to pray all night. He is not praying that the opposition would go away, nor was He looking for a new course of action or a different method. Rather, in the face of opposition, He spends all night in prayer with His Father in order that He might press ...

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Living Between Two Realities (Isaiah 2:1-9)

When Christ's church is in a state of such decline that it is no longer able to function as salt and light, leaving the culture around her free to pursue a self-destructive course at an alarming pace, then the Lord will enter into judgment. When the church is under judgment, we often follow the pattern of the Israelites, thinking that the cure to our problems is more relig...

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Cultural Chaos (Exodus 1-3, Psalm 105)

The current state of our situation is not the result of a few rash decisions or changes that happened overnight. When you consider the state of evangelicalism in the past few decades, why would we not assume that we were on the fast track to a post-Christian America? We, as evangelicals, have been too silent and passive. The problems at hand are above all else an attack ag...

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Sinners, Wineskins and the Sabbath (Luke 5:27-6:11)

Jesus continues with his mission to seek and save the lost. To do so, he does not choose the theologically trained, moral upright, or the spiritually disciplined. He chooses people like Levi the tax collector, who is worse than your average sinner. Jesus chooses all types of sinners from all types of backgrounds, and accomplishes the impossible. These sinners are united no...

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