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Sunday Service


If you plan to visit, calling ahead is advised due to the obscurity of our location.

Christ Church—Radford

6226 University Park Drive

Radford, VA 24141

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Archives for May 2018

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Standing for Christ (Acts 25:13-26:32)

When Festus hears of Paul’s “crimes” (vv. 17-19), he’s apparently surprised that the whole of the issue seems to be petty disagreements over religious matters. It was evident to him that the charge of treason was bogus, but he didn’t quite know how to handle it. So, he took advantage of Agrippa’s visit to pick his brain on the perplexing issue....

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Christ Seeks, Christ Saves (Luke 19:1-10)

Zaccheus was a chief tax collector, which means he was something like a tax cartel kingpin. He would have been notoriously corrupt and known as a traitor, a swindler, and a cheat, accepting bribes from the rich and demanding extra from the poor who could not afford to offer bribes. Zaccheus had undoubtedly heard reports about Jesus, and the curiosity had gotten to him....

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God Speaks Salvation (Hebrews 1:1-2:3)

Time and time again we read in the Scriptures that God condescends to speak to His people. To Adam, he asks, “Where are you?” To Noah He says, “Build an ark.” To Abram He says, “Leave your country.” In various ways, bit by bit, God spoke through progressive revelation throughout history. But now, He has spoken in His Son, who is qualitatively and exponentially ...

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