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Sunday Service


If you plan to visit, calling ahead is advised due to the obscurity of our location.

Christ Church—Radford

6226 University Park Drive

Radford, VA 24141

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Tuesday Takeaways

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God Created (Genesis 1:1-23)

God’s nature is exposed and explained through the account of creation. In this first chapter of Genesis we see that the universe is not the result of an accident. God is the subject...

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The End of Acts (Acts 28)

God had promised Paul that he would arrive safely, and Luke makes sure to confirm that the Lord kept that promise. It’s important to notice that this promise was for Paul regarding a particular situation at a specific time. We cannot take and “claim” it for ourselves when times get difficult. We can, however, trust God ...

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Shipwrecked (Acts 27:1-28:10)

After many difficult days of sailing, Paul admonishes the crew to not take unnecessary risks (v. 10). Paul was certainly prepared to die for the sake of the gospel, but he had no desire to die needlessly. He understood that there was impending disaster, and knew that it was better for them not to continue. Still, greed and comfort won the day and Paul’s word was not heed...

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Standing for Christ (Acts 25:13-26:32)

When Festus hears of Paul’s “crimes” (vv. 17-19), he’s apparently surprised that the whole of the issue seems to be petty disagreements over religious matters. It was evident to him that the charge of treason was bogus, but he didn’t quite know how to handle it. So, he took advantage of Agrippa’s visit to pick his brain on the perplexing issue....

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Christ Seeks, Christ Saves (Luke 19:1-10)

Zaccheus was a chief tax collector, which means he was something like a tax cartel kingpin. He would have been notoriously corrupt and known as a traitor, a swindler, and a cheat, accepting bribes from the rich and demanding extra from the poor who could not afford to offer bribes. Zaccheus had undoubtedly heard reports about Jesus, and the curiosity had gotten to him....

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God Speaks Salvation (Hebrews 1:1-2:3)

Time and time again we read in the Scriptures that God condescends to speak to His people. To Adam, he asks, “Where are you?” To Noah He says, “Build an ark.” To Abram He says, “Leave your country.” In various ways, bit by bit, God spoke through progressive revelation throughout history. But now, He has spoken in His Son, who is qualitatively and exponentially ...

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Are You Cain-Like or Christ-Like? (1 John 3:11-18)

The message of the gospel and the commandment to love one another is a timeless message. Obedience to the command to love flows out of our understanding of the gospel. On the one hand, if the gospel is underemphasized or ceases to remain central to our own lives, we will lack both the power and the motivation to love each other truly....

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Perilous Procrastination (Acts 24:1-25:12)

The Jews’ accusation against Paul before Felix consists of three parts: political (“stirs up dissension”), religious (“a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes”), and criminal (“tried to desecrate the temple”). Felix was an intelligent and resourceful man who had made the most of his opportunities and abilities, basically by using people as stepping stones t...

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The Maturing Christian (Philippians 3:12-21)

Paul’s pursuit of the goal begins with the recognition that he hasn’t “already obtained it” or “laid hold of it yet.” He’s still pressing on to obtain the state of perfection that he will be given when He receives the upward call of God in Christ at the time of the resurrection. But rather than fatalistically dwelling on the fact that he hasn’t yet obtained...

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Let Conscience Be Your Guide? (Acts 23)

The conscience is the function of the mind with regard to a known standard. Paul is saying here that his actions have lived up to known, revealed truth. Unless the conscience is informed by God’s revealed will, and unless His truth is the known standard on which our conscience is based, it’s possible to have a clear conscience, and yet be acting out in evil....

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