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If you plan to visit, calling ahead is advised due to the obscurity of our location.

Christ Church—Radford

6226 University Park Drive

Radford, VA 24141

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Tuesday Takeaways

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The King: Coming, Crying, Cleansing (Luke 28-48)

In this portion of the account of Jesus' life and ministry, Luke is describing the last week of Christ's life on earth on his way to the cross. Before He was able to take His place on the throne of David, He had go to Jerusalem where He would be crucified. Jesus knew what the disciples would find when they went to bring him an unbroken colt. For those who are living lives ...

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Christ Seeks, Christ Saves; We Serve (Luke 19:1-27)

Zaccheus was a chief tax collector, meaning that he would have been over a group of other tax collectors. Chief tax collectors were notoriously corrupt and known for being traitors. They were shunned by most people and despised for their ill-gotten gains. But Zaccheus had heard of Jesus and because of mere curiosity he does what is socially unacceptable for a wealthy man i...

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Three Times Blind (Luke 18:18ff)

The rich young ruler asks Jesus what he needs to do to gain eternal life. He is expecting to hear from Jesus that there is nothing else that he needs to do, which we know from the following conversation where he claims to have perfectly kept all of the commandments. He addresses Jesus as "good teacher." In Jesus' response, He is not denying that he is both good and God, bu...

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Persistent Praying (Luke 18:1-17; Isaiah 62)

Jesus is making an obvious connection between prayer and not being discouraged. He has just taught about the coming of the Kingdom and the danger of not being ready due to preoccupations with temporal things, and then in this parable he shows that to avoid being discouraged or losing heart, we should pray, until God answers. The judge in this parable is unjust, which is a ...

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Distance & Distinction (Luke 17)

Distance & Distinction (Luke 17) Forgiveness & Faith (verses 1-10) We can cause people to stumble by behavior, speech, or even the attitude we have in what we do or say. When our conduct does not match our profession, we are discrediting Christianity in the eyes of those who observe us. The cross of Christ will always give offense, but we must strive never to increase ...

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The Unrighteous and the Rich (Luke 16)

Knowing that he is without strength and being too prideful to beg, this unrighteous steward devises a dishonest and deceitful design to make future friends through his bosses finances. When his boss finds out, he commends him, not because of the dishonesty itself, but because of the ingenuity and skill with which he operated. In this story, Jesus is not giving a pattern fo...

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Two Lost Sons (Luke 15:25ff)

At the beginning of the chapter, the Pharisees grumble because Jesus is receiving sinners and eating with them. While the statement they make about Jesus is true and accurately reflects his willingness to associate with sinners, the fact that they are angry and grumbling shows that their doctrine of salvation is completely different than Christ's. They are under the convic...

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The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8-11)

In ascending bodily, Jesus took to heaven what he didn't have when he came down from glory. He took up our humanity at Bethlehem in the amazing miracle of the incarnation, and without ceasing to be what he has always been, he became what he had never been before. On the day of the ascension, he entered heaven as the God-man....

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Lost Sheep, Lost Silver & Lost Sons (Luke 15:1-24)

This straying sheep's life is already in danger, being disoriented and defenseless. The shepherd doesn't hire someone else to go looking for it, but he himself goes after his sheep. It might seem like preferential treatment is given to the poor lost sheep at the expense of the others, but when we consider it from the vantage point of the other 99, we can see how this would...

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God is Good (Psalm 107)

"Good" may be the most popular way to describe God in our day, but because of the way we use "good" in common speech, it might seem odd or trite to say, "God is good." While we believe and affirm that God is good, the word in our modern usage often suggests that something is just average or even "blah." If we are really impressed, we use words like "awesome!" However, whil...

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