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Sunday Service


If you plan to visit, calling ahead is advised due to the obscurity of our location.

Christ Church—Radford

6226 University Park Drive

Radford, VA 24141

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Tuesday Takeaways

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Hope For Us (Isaiah 6-9)

The days of Isaiah were difficult, dark days, not unlike our own. But on the black canvas of the grim reality of his time, the prophet, like an artist, splashes a breathtaking portrait of the Lord of Light. Yes, things are dark, and they may get darker, "but" there will be no more darkness or gloom for those who were previously in anguish (Isaiah 9:1). Darkness does not eq...

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Rightly Applying Freedom (Galatians 5:13-15)

In the book of Galatians, Paul has clearly demonstrated that the Christian is free in Christ. We are freedom from the condemnation of the Law and the curse that was due us because Christ lived in perfect obedience to the Law and died beneath the curse of the Law in our place. We have been freed to approach God as our loving Father only because of the righteousness of Jesus...

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Appearances and the Ascension (Luke 24:36ff)

Though the disciples longed to see the resurrected Christ, they were startled and frightened at His appearance because of their unbelief. The news of the Lord being alive seemed too good to be true! Though they had scattered and left their Lord to die alone, Christ doesn't come with a sharp rebuke. Instead, He appears to them with the most gracious message on His lips: "Pe...

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Resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24:1-35)

Just as the women were the last to leave the cross, so also they were the first to arrive at the tomb. After a long sorrow-filled weekend, they came depressed and exhausted to the tomb, only to have even more bitter grief and sorrow added to them when they found that Jesus' body was not there. Because they had no expectation that Christ would rise from the dead, they fully...

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Jonah (Jonah 1-2)

Though we do not get much background on Jonah in this account, we know from 2 Kings 14:25 that Jonah was not a novice in the service of God. As the son of a prophet, Jonah had likely been exposed to the ministries of men like Elija and Elisha, and would have been a man with a rich heritage of spiritual blessings. And yet we see that past privileges are no substitute for pr...

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Christ in the Courts (Luke 23:1-31)

Jesus is presented by the Sanhedrin to Pilate as a politically motivated revolutionary with aspirations for the throne of the land. But Pilate recognized that Jesus is not concerned with overthrowing rulers now or setting up a physical kingdom. He makes his initial declaration of Christ's innocence, saying, "I find no guilt in this man." At this point, the trial should be ...

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Betrayed, Denied, & Tried (Luke 22:47-71)

Despite the many displays of Christ's mercy to Judas in warning him not to become the betrayer, Judas nonetheless does betray Him, using a sign of friendship and love to mark Him out for the captors. Seeing what was taking place, the disciples ask Jesus whether or not they should strike the soldiers, yet Peter does not wait for an answer. Impatiently (though not without lo...

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Greatness & the Garden (Luke 22:21-46)

As the disciples begin to consider who among them is the one betraying Jesus (each one honestly considering whether he might be the betrayer himself), their minds are quickly taken up with the consideration of who among them is the greatest. In other words, at the depth of Christ's humiliation, the disciples are arguing about their own greatness. We see similar discussions...

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Passover Plans (Luke 22:1-23; Exodus 12)

These verses in Luke 22 begin a rapid movement toward the cross. While the chief priests and scribes (the very men who should have been most prepared to receive Christ!) were seeking how they might kill Jesus, the unthinkable happens: one of Jesus' own disciples came to them to conspire with them. Although Judas himself was led by his own greedy desires and made no effort ...

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Impending Destruction and Future Redemption (Luke 21:5-38)

Ironically the temple, the place where God met with His people, had become the headquarters for Israel's rebellion against God and His Messiah, and it will be swept away as the city is overtaken by Gentiles. It not only lacked spiritual worship from the heart, but it also lacked the presence of the Holy Spirit. Outwardly, the temple was beautifully adorned with precious st...

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