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Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer: Glory (John 17:1-5)

Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer: Glory (John 17:1-5)
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Glory refers to something that is weighty or heavy. It came to mean that someone was weighed down with possessions that displayed and revealed their honor and splendor. When referring to God, glory is the outward manifestation and visible display of God’s majesty, the revelation of who and what He is in Himself; the visible revelation of His inner character and essence. 

The Petition (vv. 1, 5)

When Jesus prays to His Father, “glorify Me,” He’s asking that He might be restored to the splendor that He had always shared with His Father. From all eternity, before the existence of angels or men, the Word, the second Person of the Trinity, was in a relationship of eternal, interpersonal intimacy with the Father. He was daily the Father’s delight, Who continually said over the Son, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” It was this glory that was veiled when Christ emptied Himself and took on the form of a bondservant (Philippians 2:7-10). It was also the assurance that He would be restored to this same glory that enabled Jesus to endure the cross, “despising the shame,” knowing that He would sit down again at the right hand of the throne of God (Isaiah 6:1). That glory is now displayed in the heavens where Jesus sits, “like the Sun shining in its strength” (Revelation 1:13-18). 

The Basis (vv. 2-4)

Jesus prays for restoration to His glory on the basis of having finished the work the Father gave Him to do. His delight was to do the will of His Father and to accomplish His work (John 4:34), and the hour had now come for Him to complete the purpose for which He came. The reason for which He had been sent, the will of His Father, was that He would accomplish the salvation of all who would believe in Him, all who had been chosen of the Father for eternal life (John 6:39-40, 10:27-28).

The Purpose (v. 1)

The purpose of Jesus’ prayer was that in His own glorification, God the Father would be glorified. Jesus wasn’t concerned only for His own praise and honor, but sought the praise and honor of His Father. Through Christ being raised, exalted and restored to glory, He desired that in return, the Father would be glorified. Through the accomplishments of Christ, the Father’s wisdom, power, love and righteousness are magnified. We continue to glorify the Father because He sent His Son to die for sinners, and God will forever be glorified in the millions of people that worship Him for His plan of salvation in Christ. 

  • What does it mean to glorify God? How is the Father glorified in the Son? How do we glorify God?
  • Whose honor and reputation do you want to see advanced? Where are you still seeking self-promotion and honor from men? What would it look like to begin pursuing the glory of God in those areas?

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