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To Babel and Beyond (Genesis 11)

To Babel and Beyond (Genesis 11)

       The story of Babel records the third major judgment of God since the creation of mankind. It is a memorable story because of the countless cultures that came forth from it. However, it is also a sad story because of the rebellion against God. God had been clear on more than one occasion that His people must “be fruitful and multiply; populate the earth abundantly and multiply in it”.

Though these instruction had been given and even repeated, “they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there.” The command of God had been trumped by convenience as worldly wisdom won the day while God’s wisdom was ignored. This type of sin is prevalent among us too often as we attempt to convince ourselves or others that there must be some exceptions to the expectations of Scripture.

A man-centered approach dominated the decision making as plans were made to build a city in order to avoid being scattered. This is evidenced as they admit their concern for their own name and fame. Their aspirations for divine status are similar to those of the Adam and Eve in the Garden, “to be like God”. We, like them, are also prone to self-promotion motives rather than the glory of God and His Kingdom advancing throughout the world. Congregating in this manner was contrary to the command of the Lord to “fill the earth”.

As the Lord stoops to behold their impressive high tower that stretched into the heavens, He expressed tender concern for them and the potential that their sin has to bring about great destruction. The people were united together in their rebellion against God proving that unity is not always safe or right. Collective, united apostasy is damning. Fortunately for them and for us, God exercises common restraining grace towards all mankind. If God does not restrain the natural evil bent of our hearts, no degree of sin or rebellion will be impossible for us. When God draws near to His people, He does not act rashly, but mercifully confounds their language in an act of remedial judgment which brings about the very thing that they were seeking to avoid, being scattered.

Following the mess of Babel, God reveals His remembrance of His covenant mercies by listing for us the genealogical line of the promised Messiah’s seed. God’s purposes cannot and will not be hindered by sinful humanity. He maintains perfect order even in the midst of mass confusion and even rebellion among us on earth.

God has not only commanded us to multiply and fill the earth, but as His church, He has also commanded us to “Go therefore & make disciples of all the nations” as He continues to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

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